Bringing excellence to the home selling experience

My Promise 

I am passionate about delivering you professional quality, high-definition, video and photography to help sell your listing.

Packaged  Deal

Video and photographs shot on the same day come in a bundled deal. For more information please email me at:


High-definition, colorful, and crisp photographs. As many as is needed to fully capture the essence and beauty of your listing. Edited, retouched, and sized for both MLS and printing formats.


My name is Michael Pitts, and I pride myself in helping every real estate agent and broker turn their listing from "For Sale" to "Sold". I am a professional videographer and photographer with an extensive knowledge of all things real estate. I am passionate about delivering you the highest quality HD video and photography to help sell your home listing. Want your listings to stand out amongst the rest? Give me a shout at: and let me go to work for you today! 



A 3-5 minute length high-definition video tour of your listing, set to music, with or without narration. Unbranded version for MLS use and a fully branded version to use elsewhere. 

     Using Photography & Video to turn that "For Sale" sign to "SolD"